Cinderella Wedding Cakes

A wedding is always a dream-come-true occasion, especially for the couple. It feels like they are living the end of a fairy-tale in real life, except that it is actually a new beginning, of a new and more beautiful phase. If you are planning a wedding that echoes and reflects this fairy-tale-like feeling of yours, you would want to consider an exquisite, dreamy little Cinderella wedding celebration. It is a beautiful theme for a wedding, and will definitely be a hit.

In case you are sure you want a Cinderella wedding, there are many extravagant arrangements you will have to make in terms of every aspect of the wedding, such as the wedding dress, venue and hall decorations etc. However, one of the major attractions of any wedding, and especially a Cinderella wedding, is the gorgeous Cinderella wedding cake. There are many things you could use when it comes to a Cinderella wedding cake, the most important one being your creativity.

A Cinderella wedding cake is generally quite large, and multi-tiered, just the way other wedding cakes are. However, if you wish to give it the typical fairy-tale effect, you could top the cake with a gorgeous castle cake topper, which will require multiple layers at different levels of the cake. Or else, you could use a pretty little glass slipper topper, or carriage accessories to give it the effect of the special horse-driven coach presented to dear old Cinderella by her Fairy Godmother. Cinderella wedding cakes normally follow the rounded, circular shape and structure, for this tends to enhance the fairy-like quality of the cake, and hence, the wedding affair. If you wish to make the cake look even more interesting, though, you could have it shaped as a pumpkin carriage or the famous dainty, beautiful slipper, too.

While you could have a Cinderella cake of any color you want, white would look just exquisitely beautiful, and suit the theme best. No other shade can bring out the beauty of a Cinderella wedding cake better than white, mainly because it exudes a pearly glow that we normally connect with fairies and the likes. Other light pastel hues will also look wonderful, especially if they are given royal looking trimmings in deep shades of gold, blue, red and green.

The flavor of the Cinderella wedding cake comes next. You would be wise to select the basic tastes of vanilla or chocolate in order to ensure that the cake is a hit. Chocolate however, is again, the better of the two, especially if you are planning to give the cake a pure, virginal white frosting. This, paired with a dark chocolate base, will be an absolutely exulting experience, since the chocolate will then contrast the frosting’s chaste quality with a dollop of luscious, sinful seduction in a most fulfilling way.

A Cinderella wedding cake requires careful planning and meticulous judgment, for even if one aspect of the cake goes wrong, it could lead to a complete catastrophe on the day of the wedding. Ensure that the baker knows the exact date, time and venue where he is supposed to deliver the cake, and make sure that it has been created just exactly the way you wanted it to be. After all, the wedding has to be a fairy-tale one, and should be the first step to your living and loving happily ever after.

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