Elegant wedding cakes

The elegant and gorgeous wedding cake is actually mirroring just married couple, ready for their new family life. It’s clear and genuine romantic symbol as well as following popular tradition known around the world. Nice and sweet, great wedding cake is meant to be simple and lovely, made with a touch of classic style. It shall not be overdecorated either.

Elegant wedding cake is the best proof of the classic atmosphere within the couple. White cream is the main symbol of elegance as well as some icing on the top gives the cake fresh and modern look, being the most suitable arrangement. Also elegant wedding cake is the sign of prosperity of the marriage.

Ancient Romans say a elegant wedding cake to be the great symbol of fertility. Thus in old times they used to break a freshly cooked bread cake over the head of the bride, so her fertility would be shown. The bride and groom used to kiss over the pile of fresh bread for the long and happy family life. Nowadays people respect the ancient traditions, still instead of simple bread there’s an elegant wedding cake placed on the table.

Such type of the wedding cake may look way too simple, as it has not too many decorations and obtains traditional form. Still, you can choose any color you like for the cake to suit your wedding hall, and it’s definitely the best one for the formal marriage. Experts prove the elegant wedding cake to be the most popular and graceful choice.

Though it’s possible to arrange cake in any color possible, still most couples prefer ivory or snow-white, as these colors show the elegance of the moment. Also sharp contrast of black chocolate and white cream is quite popular, as it makes a cake look like a cake – tasty and sweet. Also to keep the look in traditional limits, couples usually try to avoid bright color in the cake decor.

The most important part of the elegant wedding cake is usually the top. Here we usually see the elegant simplicity like imitation of fresh flowers and fruits. The form of the cake is usually round of square, so all the lines will go according to the main theme. It’s also popular to place the little figures is the bride and the groom on top of the cake, and the flowers may imitate those in the bouquet of the bride.

The most preferred flavor for the elegant wedding cake if vanilla. It’s sweet and smells of fresh bakery, and most people tend to like the taste. The most important part about the wedding cake is when the bride and the groom are cutting it to treat the guests. It’s usually easy to cut the elegant traditional cake due to its form, so you can be sure no part if it will miss the guests’ plate and to uneasy situation occur.

Before making the cake the baker usually offers the groom and the bride various designs, so they can pick up something really special that will suite them the most. The reasonable price is also very important, as the couple usually spends much money on the wedding ceremony.

The nice and elegant wedding cake is a great decoration of the table. The small, formal, yet nice and tasty cake will add the final touch to your ceremony.

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