Small wedding cakes

Small wedding cakes – for close friends only.

If your wedding is small, no need to get the big cake.  The guests will not be able to eat it. What you need is small and neat wedding cake. Also sometimes the couple is having quite a big wedding; still the bride craves for a small cake. In this case the best choice will be beautifully decorated interesting cake that will draw attention of the guests still will not take too much place.

Small cake can be also accompanied by sheet wedding cake, that looks not gorgeous, still suitable to serve the guests who will not be satisfied enough with the bits of a small cake they’ll get. Let your special wedding cake be on reception area where everyone can see it, and let the sheet cake be the main sweet dish on the table.

If you’re short of money, and there will be too many guests to satisfy them with one small cake, single tier cake will be handy. It’s less expensive than traditional tiered wedding cakes, still looks really nice having all top finely decorated. Still it you’re really on a budget, you can reduce the sugar decorations? And the cost will be even less. The new tendency is also decorating the cake with real flowers – nice, easy and really cheap.

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